Airport Package FAQ

1. What is a WOWPASS Airport Package?

WOWPASS Airport Pacakage is an all-in-one traveler package that includes WOWPASS card, SIM card and transportation balance, which you can receive at major Korean airports in one go. It includes only the essential items for starting your K-trip, at discounted price, without having to purchase them at different counters separately.

2. What is the difference between ordinary WOWPASS cards and those included in airport package?

WOWPASS cards included in airport package have three major benefits compared to the ordinary WOWPASS cards.
1. You can receive the WOWPASS cards at major Korean airports' arrival floors right after landing, rather than WOWPASS machines.
2. Your card has an initially charged 10,000 KRW transit (Tmoney) balance, so that you can get on the subway / bus without charging it.
3. You can enjoy a 20% discount on the card fee (one-time membership fee) from 5,000 KRW to 4,000 KRW!

3. What type of SIM cards can I choose in the WOWPASS Airport Package?

You can choose either a virtual eSIM or physical USIM cards.
USIM cards support all sizes ranging from normal size, nana size to micro sizes.

4. How do I purchase the WOWPASS Airport Package?

You can reserve/purchase it through the Airport Package banner in the WOWPASS mobile application.

5. How do I pick up the WOWPASS Airport Package?

After reserving the package at least 1 day before your arrival/pickup, you can go to your selected airport and show the mobile voucher to pick up the package.

6. Can I receive the package on the same day as my reservation?

You can only pick up the package from the day after your reservation.

7. Can I use the WOWPASS card immediately after package pickup?

After receiving the package, the initial WOWPASS payment balance is 0, and you must visit a nearby WOWPASS machine to top-up balance. For the transit balance (Tmoney), the initial balance is 10,000 KRW, so you can use it to ride subways/buses right after pickup.
Locations of WOWPASS machines near major airports:
1. Incheon Airport T1/T2: WOWPASS machine is inside AREX non-stop train platform. (Must purchase AREX ticket)
2. Gimpo Airport: 3 WOWPASS machines are located outside the Gimpo Airport subway station.
Other than the above, more than 90 machines are located at major subway stations and hotels, all around Korea.

8. Can I get a refund after paying for WOWPASS Airport Package?

Yes. You can get a full refund if you have not picked up or used the package items. However, if you have used the WOWPASS card or SIM card, you cannot get a refund. It usually takes 2-3 working days to process a refund.

9. Can I receive inbound calls/SMS as well as make outbound calls/SMS?

Currently, you can only receive SMS messages or phone calls for free. Sending SMS messages or making outbound phone calls are not supported currently, and will be made available later.

10. I selected the wrong pickup date/location. Can I make a change?

Please contact the WOWPASS customer service hotline so that our staff can help you make the change.

11. Which telecom company provides the SIM card in the Airport Package? Is it trustworthy?

SK Telecom provides the SIM cards. SK Telecom is the largest telecom service provider used by the majority of Koreans.

12. Does the SIM card come with a Korean cell phone number?

Yes. Your SIM card (both eSIM and USIM) come with a Korean phone number. You can receive SMS messages or phone calls for free. Sending SMS messages or making outbound phone calls are not supported currently, and will be made available from this Summer.

13. Is the LTE data limitless? Or is there a speed limit?

For both eSIM and USIM, there is no limit to the data amount during your validity period. The maximum speed is at 10Mbps.

14. Can I use the SIM card for hotspot?

Yes, you can.