Airport Package <Prepaid SIM Card (USIM)> Guide


How to Reserve & Pick-up

Reserve the WOWPASS Airport Package at the WOWPASS app.
Once payment is complete, you will receive a 10-digit voucher code.
Bring the voucher code to the SKT roaming center at your selected location.
Present the voucher code & your passport to the staff.
The staff will provide you with a physical SIM card & SIM contract to sign, as well as your reserved WOWPASS card.
Insert the SIM card to your phone to enjoy unlimited data!


1 day/3 day/5 days/10 days/20 day/30 days are applied based on 24 hours after SIM is inserted into your mobile phone.
Data calls can be used without limit for the duration of SIM usage.
In addition to data, you can receive voice short messages (cannot send messages) However, in the case of 1-day coupons, voice and short messages cannot be received.
This SIM does not support the NFC.
It can be purchased in 18 downtown branches including Incheon, Gimpo, Gimhae, Daegu, Jeju Airport and Jeju Port, Busan Port, Incheon Port, and Gangnam (as of November 2020).
Country Lock mobile phones and tablet PCs without voice call function cannot be used. Please confirm before purchasing.
Cancellation and refund are not allowed for USIM with case opened.

How to Connect (iOS)

How to Connect (Android)